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Which technology is better in India?

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Full Stack Development or Machine Learning - Which is better in India?

The tech sector all over the world has taken a big leap over the last few years. The use of technology in our day to day lives is becoming advanced with passing time and making a career in this field now seems to be the best time. But it can be often tricky. Technology advancements and innovations are on their zenith, which is why the fear of any technology becoming obsolete sooner than expected is also valid. So, choosing a career that would remain in demand for several years to come would be a wise decision. And while there are many options available to tech geeks, Full Stack Development is one that has a bigger shelf life than other branches of technology.

Another one that has people raving about it is Machine Learning. The term and concept have been in the mainstream for a while now. Machine Learning has a big chunk of the fanbase on a global basis, owing to its increasing requirement in large industries. Still, in India, the usage of full-stack development lies above machine learning. In this article, we will elaborate on how and why India needs more full-stack developers.

Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development is the process of developing both front-end and back-end programs for an application. Such developers are responsible for handling the client-side as well as the server-side programming. This includes coding, providing an easy user interface, creating a web page, debugging, etc. all that is required in the field of web development. It is a complex and one of the most crucial steps in the development of applications or a web page. A full-stack developer is supposed to be well adept in computer languages like HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, and understand and create strategies for each step of the web development process.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the process of studying computer algorithms, analysing statistics, etc. This comes under a vast umbrella known as Artificial Intelligence. ML is developing and training the machine to learn and respond like the human mind, which enhances its skills through experience. Machine Learning algorithms are being used to predict results, outcomes, etc. in huge law firms, MNCs, corporates, etc. to improve their company efficiency. Products like Alexa, Siri, Chatbots, are just a few examples of how technology is taking over the world..

And although making a career in this field looks like the right option, in India, it might not be as suitable as you think. India is a developing country where the concept of Machine Learning has just reached the top-level players, and the others are still surviving on less expensive technology. Here are a few other reasons why Full Stack Development is a better choice for the ones looking to continue working in India.

- Wider Requirement

Full Stack Development and Machine Learning are two different technologies that have a certain use all across the globe. But FSD has found a better footing in our country. The reason for this is the upheaval rise in the digital consumption of Indians. This might look like a new term, but it has existed for a long time, since the advent of software programming. Butafter the web came into existence, the demand for full-stack developers shot up. Full Stack Developers are experts who can handle more work than regular programmers with higher efficiency. Hiring them saves money for employers, for they know how to work in multiple technologies. The Web Development field altogether has a safe future because everything can be done on the web now; the small retailers are also adapting to this technology shift and are getting their business online.

- Better Career Growth

A full-stack developer is enabled to handle the work of 2-3 developers which is why companies tend to pay them more. And since the demand for such professionals is high, so is the career growth. It is a challenging field that requires a thorough understanding of the web development field, as well as the client needs. An average salary of a full-stack developer is 6 lacs which goes on to extend till 16 lacs per annum based on one’s expertise and skills. As companies depend more on the web in India for getting the business, the demand for the developers is increasing.

- More Fun

Now, this is a relative thing. For some, machine learning can be an exciting field, and for some, web development can be. But in general, people tend to have more fun developing websites than in the other respective area. The reason can be a specific requirement of creativity in web development. There is a sense of freedom while creating web pages and applications that developers can exercise. Machine Learning, on the other hand, is a highly technical field that necessitates deep knowledge and experience in the domain to grab handsome packages.

If Full Stack Development interests you, and you want to learn the art, then you can enrol fora course dedicated to this subject. And while there are many courses available, Think Quotient offers a 4-month online developers’ program. It includes 2 hours of daily video classes and 1-hour interactive doubt sessions. It is one of the best courses available online to kickstart your career in IT as they offer a 100% job guarantee. Make the best of this course and apply today.


By this we have come to an end of this blog & concluding that the demand for full-stack developers is always high and their future scope is undoubtedly bright.

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