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Wonder Women's of ThinkQuotient

A woman is a powerhouse of energy. No matter how many hardships a woman goes through, she still manages to do justice with every responsibility she has. Yet sometimes, the effort, hard work, and determination are not recognized or appreciated. But not being understood or accepted never acts as a hurdle in proving to the world that they can fight against all the odds and come out with flying colors.

At ThinkQuotient, we have been a part of the journeys of some amazing women who made not only us but their families proud. On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2020, we would like to introduce you to wonder women of ThinkQuotient who have set benchmarks that deserve a standing ovation.

Prajakta Rode - The lady who traveled miles to reach her goal

Hailing from a small town, Prajakta had to travel more than 37 miles (60kms) in a day to reach ThinkQuotient’s training institute to learn skills that will help her be an impeccable coder.

After Prajakta graduated, she already had a job. But on her date of joining, she was told that she could not be onboarded unless she gets some training. Prajakta went for training in a consultancy that did not provide her proper training and took a hefty amount from her in the name of training. This incident shattered Prajakta’s trust in any training institute. When ThinkQuotient approached Prajakta, she was afraid that this is again a scam, and she did not want to fall for again.

But ThinkQuotient kept contacting Prajakta and telling her about its authenticity. Prajakta tried everything to be sure that this time this is not a scam as she wanted to get adequately trained and bag a good IT job. After joining ThinkQuotient, Prajakta had to spend 6 hours of her day traveling, and rest was devoted to studying. Looking at Prajakta’s determination towards her goal, everybody around her was sure that she would soon get paid for all her efforts in the form of a suitable placement.

Prajakta had given many interviews, and the success ratio was not satisfying. She still kept turning up for the classes every day and worked hard more than a day before. All her hard work was fulfilled when she was informed that she got placed in a reputed IT company. Now she enjoys a good job working on a project which is rewarding in terms of knowledge and growth. Prajakta has made everyone at ThinkQuotient proud not just for her getting placed but also for never getting tired of all the travel she had to do.

Komal Kamble - The Lady who never fears to try and never gives up

Komal is an engineering graduate hailing from a small village near Kolhapur. Her mother is a single working woman, and Komal is the eldest among all her sisters. Being the only working person in the family, Komal’s mother could only earn just as much to feed her family and provide them with primary education. Komal being the eldest, realized the responsibility of becoming a helping hand for her mother to earn and ease her mother’s duties. Komal was unable to bag a proper IT job in and around her village. She knew that her capability was much more than all the clerical job that she was getting.

ThinkQuotient approached Komal and explained to her about the training that is offered, and Komal decided to give it a try. But her family didn’t earn much to afford the training fees. Komal was disappointed as she was hopeful for a good career after receiving proper training. Understanding Komal’s determination and “never give up” attitude, her family members supported her with the finances, and she completed her training. Soon she was offered an interview opportunity at a big MNC firm, and again she gave it a try. To her surprise, she was told that she successfully cleared all the rounds and is selected.

She was more than happy and thankful to ThinkQuotient, friends, and family who supported her morally and financially. She is now helping her mother is educating her sisters and running the house. She is indeed a daughter every parent wishes to have. Komal made her family, friends, and ThinkQuotient proud.

Ayesha Jamdar- The lady who kept moving forwards despite all the hurdles

Ayesha Jamadar took charge of her family and is now living a peaceful and happy life with her daughter and husband. When Ayesha became a part of ThinkQuotient, she was facing financial problems. Her husband was unable to provide basic needs to his family despite working hard. Ayesha didn’t sit quietly after realizing that this is not the life she wants her child to live. Being a technical graduate she chose to join ThinkQuotient and get trained.

Keeping her little child at her mother’s home, she used to spend the entire day at ThinkQuotient trying hard to make a good career in IT, and soon all her efforts and hard work paid off. She got placed in an esteemed IT company with an excellent package. Now she manages her family as well as her job well and is also leading a happy life.

Ayesha didn’t stop even if the time was difficult. There must have been times when she was extremely low, but her determination acted as fuel and kept igniting the fire that leads her to the stage where she has reached today.

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