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Looking at the growing pace of technological advancements, the need for updating ourselves with new and in demand technologies has become a dire need. Hence learning such programming languages that act a backbone is beneficial for your career.

Out of all the existing technologies, there are some basic programming languages that build the foundation for advance programming. Programming languages like Java, Advanced Java, HTML, CSS, Angular, and SQL are expected to be known thoroughly by all aspiring Developers.

Advantages of TQ-DP to students

  • We ensure that students have thorough understanding of object oriented programming concepts.
  • We work on real life assignments which are created by our expert trainers/technical staff.
  • We teach them all core java, sql, and database concepts in depth. As ThinkQuotient is well know as a best java training institute in pune.
  • We focus more on practical training than only theory lectures. They spend at least 4 hours in rigorous coding which is supervised by our expert trainers.
  • We expose students to live projects so that it is easier for them to perform when they start working in IT companies.
  • Our technical staff has varied experience in software industry. They create unique assignments which help students get a feel of real work in the companies.
  • We never compromise on the quality. Furthermore, we encourage our students to study and give rigorous training that helps to bring out the quality developer in them. We teach them strategies to solve issues they face during coding so that they become independent and are able to solve issues on their own. This makes them ready to work independently and confidently when they start their job.
  • We also train them to improve their soft skills. Our soft skill training help students improve their communication skills which is major hurdle in getting job in MNC. We also help them how to prepare for GD and HR rounds. This improves theirs chances of getting selected in companies.

Job Expectations After TQ-DP

TQDP is a job oriented course in pune. In which we prepare students to face interviews, from all aspects. Along with technical knowledge we help them prepare for GD and HR interviews. Improved communication skills give them confidence to face interviews. We give them opportunities in reputed mid-scale as well as mncs. They can get jobs in product as well as service companies.

A student can begin his career as a developer in software industry with decent packages as per company norms. We have long term relationships with many mid scale and MNC companies. Our students are working in many of these companies and some of them are achieving awards for their outstanding performance.

Technologies Covered in TQ-DP

Here are some advantages of various technologies/ programming languages that you must know to know what can help you build a good career as per your interests.


Cascading Style Sheet is widely used for the presentation of document written in markup languages. CSS is designed to enable the separation of presentation and content, including layout, colors, and fonts. Learn the beauty of CSS to make your website lucrative from the CSS experts at best CSS institutes in Pune, ThinkQuotient in job oriented program TQ-DP.

  • CSS saves time as you have to feed the details only once for any element. Whenever the element will occur CSS will automatically apply appropriate styled sheet.
  • As the details of an element are only required to be fed once, there is less code to be written in the program. Hence the loading speed of the pages is faster.
  • CSS facilitates easy maintenance as the developer only has to make changes at one place to change the style of an element across the entire website.
  • HTML is not built to change the styles of a website but CSS is. However, HTML displays the elements of the website in a certain way; CSS can help you override this as it has superior styles to HTML.
  • CSS is search engine friendly. The developer needs to edit only one style sheet to ensure there is consistent styling throughout webpages of the website which helps the search engine to take less time to read the website content. Also, when there is less code and more content, it will help the website to be ranked higher without more efforts.
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